2013 Artists

R. Mark Larkin

Allison Luce

David Hostetler

Wayne Trapp

Jerome Meadows

Cracking Art Group

Jane DeDecker

Christopher Weed

Mary Frank

Sarah Deppe

Joe Fish

Julian Mayor

Bryan Wilkerson

Jim Collins

Megan Mosholder

Jeffie Brewer

Bill Wood

Bruce White

Wayne Vaughn

John Clement

The 2013 Public Art Exhibition on Hilton Head Island highlights sculpture engaged in a contemporary conversation about art within a natural environment. The theme is intended to inspire discovery, exploration, interaction, recreation, education and an element of surprise within the beauty of the Lowcountry region. The year 2013 will mark the 350th anniversary of William Hilton discovering what became known as Hilton Head Island. Twenty large-scale outdoor sculptures have been selected by jury based upon artistic excellence, innovation, interactivity, originality, and the work's ability to enhance the natural and cultural environment as well as reflect the values and diversity of Hilton Head Island.


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